Bogo Quierelotodo (Somos8)

Bogo Quierelotodo (Somos8)

Autor : Susanna Isern,sonja Wimmer
Género : Libros, Infantil, Desarrollo y cuestiones personales y sociales,
Leer : 2028
Descargar : 1690
Tamaño de archivo : 11.23 MB
Formato : PDF, ePub

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Bogo Quierelotodo (Somos8)

Críticas 'An entertaining story with whimsical illustrations and lots of heart.' - Kirkus Reviews 'I really enjoyed this book! The images are unique, and eye catching, and the story is easy to follow. I also loved the moral that fox was able to learn from his friends, and that they were able to help each other in their own ways. I highly recommend this book to any parents or people who work with children, but also to anyone who enjoys children's literature, no matter your age.' -- Stephanie Curtner, Adventures Through Wonderland 'An entertaining story filled with lots of humor ... also an adorable picture book filled with so many wonderful messages. The themes of jealousy, diversity, and self-doubt are all explored, but the overall messages (and maybe the most important ones) are self confidence and acceptance. I loved this book!' -- Booking Mama 'Highly recommended.' - Jeri Light, Siouxland Library Recommending. -- Joanna Bu, Maplewood Community Library Reseña del editor Bogo el Zorro vivía entre las ramas de un gran árbol. Un día decidió que inventaría cosas asombrosas para poder tener todo lo que quisiera. Ver Descripción del producto



Autor : Elhuyar
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Reproducción Y Archivo

Reproducción Y Archivo

Autor : Vv.aa.
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Restauracion Y Renovacion De Muebles

Restauracion Y Renovacion De Muebles

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